Padre Pio Academy

We want children to learn, to lead and to make a difference and most importantly grow in the Catholic Faith

Our Story

Padre Pio Academy

An independent priest named Fr. Schell and a group of parents were not pleased with the problems in the diocesan and Christian schools and on June 14, 1983 had a meeting to figure out how to start their own private Catholic school.  The group had no experience running a school and that first meeting brought up many questions such as; “Where would the teachers come from?  Where will the classes be held?  What about the curriculum, books and desks?”  However, the parents were resolved to start a school and God would take care of the rest.  A decision was made to name the school Padre Pio Academy in honor of the holy stigmatist of this century.

Padre Pio Academy started with 23 students from grades 1 through 9.  There were many struggles, sacrifices and victories the first couple of years.  The first location was the Evangelical Formosan Church of Orange County in Garden Grove.  The first year was quite memorable with rooms getting flooded and plumbing going out altogether however, the parents always pulled together with the constant support, prayers and advice of Father Schell.

The school changed locations several times and on September 11, 2002 acquired a 2 acre piece of property located on Bixby Avenue in Garden Grove.  After an intensive cleanup, classes opened at this current location.

Mission Statement

Padre Pio Academy seeks to foster the growth of every student in faith, love, and service to God within a strong academic environment. The difference is the quest for excellence in the mind, heart, and soul. Padre Pio augments strong academic training with an emphasis on the character formation: “for it is far better to build children than to repair men”.

Founding Principles

  • Love for the Catholic Faith and its traditional teachings
  • Academic excellence to challenge each student to achieve his or her full potential
  • Reinforcement of the Catholic principles of family values, a lively patriotism, and allegiance to God and Country​

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