Mrs. Mary Lewis
Besides teaching a strong classical curriculum, without any modern-day nuances, I believe my most important goal is to help parents get their children into heaven. Every morning I look forward to seeing eager happy faces opening their minds and hearts
Mr. Manuel Soto
Vice Principal
Mrs. Sandra Diehl
Executive Assistant
I love my job, especially when I can help parents make the decision to enroll their child(ren) in Padre Pio Academy by answering all their questions and helping them through the enrollment process.
Dr. Mark Odou
I enjoy being able to structure the class to allow first hand experience with my contacts in hospitals. Students are able to see the connection between their classes in Biology and the medical world.
Mrs. Adriana Rodriguez
What I love most about my job is the pure and wonderful innocence of children, they are in awe of little things. Stickers, holy cards, and stamps are so very important to them.
Mrs. Suzanne Davis
My greatest accomplishment is when students leave wanting to learn more about the world around them through literature, history and science.
Mr. Daniel Soto
The most exciting part of educating children is finding different ways to make a subject interesting and appealing to students.
Mrs. Desiree Rodriguez
Students should always strive to better themselves and do all things that are pleasing to God and only God.
Mr. Matthew Pryke
The future begins in the imagination. That's why it’s so important to foster creativity in our youth regardless of the professional field they desire to pursue as adults.
Mrs. Cassie Soto
Positivity and prayer are the way to make it through anything, and school is no different. My goal is to continue to spread positivity while helping each student meet their goals and learn to love learning!
Miss Maggie Soto
The thing that I have come to enjoy about teaching is that moment when you’re asking a question and you can see they know the answer.